There's a story behind everything we serve. The finest details are selected to bring you the best ingredients we can source.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

For D1, fresh ingredients are key. We're lucky in that we've a great locally sourced Greens who supply us daily with fruit and vegetables.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

We like to add special touches to our food. Every sandwich is served with a drop of our Spanish extra-virgin olive oils, and if you like it, you can buy to take home. 

Cakes & Pastries 

D1 were on a quest to find the best pastry chef we could find. We sourced the . It was the right choice for our customers.

Award-Winning Coffee

Our aim at D1, is to deliver something fresh, strong, with flavour. We serve Monmouth coffee, renowned for it's aroma and consistency. The beans we use are Brazilian and we serve it in 12oz cups. 

We use a Lamarzocco to make it, considered one of the best of coffee machines in the world. Each gear has a powerful separate cylinder and helps to produce the great tasting coffee we serve here at D1.

Always in search of the best coffee. That's our D1 dream.

Freshly Baked Bread

D1 has tried bread from all over London before founding the right supplier. We get our bread freshly delivered daily from the oldest bakery in London. We know he only serves the best.